Thread: When to forward reference and when to include?

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    When to forward reference and when to include?

    Headers and Includes: Why and How says -

    If, for example, class A uses class B, then class B is one of class A's dependencies. Whether it can be forward declared or needs to be included depends on how B is used within A:

    - do nothing if: A makes no references at all to B
    - do nothing if: The only reference to B is in a friend declaration
    - forward declare B if: A contains a B pointer or reference: B* myb;
    - forward declare B if: one or more functions has a B object/pointer/reference
    as a parementer, or as a return type: B MyFunction(B myb);
    - #include "b.h" if: B is a parent class of A
    - #include "b.h" if: A contains a B object: B myb;
    Is it as simple as that or is there something more to it?

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    After you replace "class" with "struct", it's even simpler because friendship, references, and parents don't exist in C, and you don't have to worry about the case where a member function that is defined inline in a class definition directly instantiates an object because member functions don't exist in C either.
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    :+1: Thank you very much.

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