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    I need help please

    We wish to carry out a program for monitoring visits to a website.
    The website in question is accessible only to customers already registered.
    Each client is recognized by their Email address, date of birth, gender, city and country and also all of their visits (a table containing their visits)
    The data concerning a visit are: date of the visit, time of the visit (example 15h: 31mn) and the duration in minutes of its visit on our
    ## Client management
    1. Add a customer (the number of customers is not known)
    2. Delete a customer by email
    3. Edit customer data
    4. Display a customer
    5. Find a customer (dichotomous search by Email which returns a customer)
    6. Display the customers sorted by Email
    ## Visit management
    1. Add a customer visit
    2. Delete a visit from a client (the visit is identified by the index number of the box where it is located)
    3. Display the visits of a client sorted by decreasing duration
    4. Display all visits sorted by duration
    5. Search for the longest visit (dichotomous search which returns a visit)
    Provide an interactive menu that accompanies the user to perform all desired operations with the possibility of going back and leaving each time when the user wishes
    Each operation must be carried out in the form of a subroutine including the menu with the choice of the various parameters which must be passed to the subroutine to improve its maintainability

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    So, what help are you looking for?
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    I started to do the required but I couldn't complete it

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    if you can give me the steps

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    Show us your attempt.
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    Me I would work on Displaying the menu first.
    Next I would do Display a customer with an hard code Customer.

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    Are you still trying to do the assignment? Was the assignment given to you at a school or similar? What is your education level at that institution? What kind of diploma are you striving towards?

    If what you wrote is the text of the assignment, the most important part is missing. Without the missing information you cannot do the assignment. Is the first step for you to describe a situation yourself in which the assignment might be placed, in order for you to follow up that description with the questions implicit in the text of your posting?

    This is the sort of information - to get you thinking - that is missing. Not in a particular order.

    To what kind of institution does the assignment refer? ("The Company")
    What is the mission of the company? ("Mission Statement of the company")
    What is the profile of the customers of the company?
    For which kind of products or services do the customers approach the company? ("Products")
    Are the products bought & sold / produced / person to person services / services to objects (perhaps many more options)?
    What are the procedures along which the products are brought about?
    Are the products standard or client-specific?
    Are charges / financial matters involved?
    Which information does the financial department require?
    Should financial checks on the customers be made?
    Are there stocks / is there warehousing?
    How are the products produced / delivered / transported / conveyed to the customer?

    This sort of information you need - a sort of complete picture / video of it all - to do be able to start the assignment.
    Then make a list of the information required per customer.
    Who will be needing that information and for which purpose?
    What will the data structure have to be like?

    I have written this down quite ad hoc, hoping it will get you moving in the right direction.
    You might need to get back to your teacher, or who-ever, to get him provide you with a full case description,
    because if your posting is the full text of your assignment, that assignment is quite deficient.
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    It's ... just ... babble ....

    @hamza el hattab, homework dumps are not entertained here.
    You need to show your attempt.
    You need to ask specific questions about what you are stuck on.
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