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    Smile Escape sequences Understanding!

    Alright! we all have heard about escape sequences in C like '\b\,'\a' , etc.

    I have a question regarding it.

    As we all can notice , escape sequences are formed by joining two characters 1.'\' , 2.'a','b','f',etc.

    Now the resultant "thing" we call as an escape sequence which is nothing but another character having an ASCII Value like , 008 for '\b'.

    And furthermore , these characters can produce sound('\a') , move the cursor up , right , back , likewise.

    So it fascinates me into thinking as to how can just a simple ASCII value can produce sound , since ASCII only has 7 -bit

    Furthermore there are Trigraph Characters which are combination of three characters like '??>' meaning {.

    So as we can see how can we join different character to form a new character

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranadas
    So it fascinates me into thinking as to how can just a simple ASCII value can produce sound , since ASCII only has 7 -bit
    Shouldn't you likewise be fascinated into thinking how "just a simple ASCII value" can produce a little graphic on screen that we can identify as text, "since ASCII only has 7 -bit"?

    The answer is that it is your computer that does these things, not the character value. The character value is just data that is interpreted by the computer in the given context (i.e., your program logic, the operating system, or even the hardware).
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    You only need 1 bit to produce music (a single bit of 0 or 1) not 7:


    Probably 8 bit (using just the PC speaker):


    With a rPi and a $0.50 ADC (8 bit) and a $0.50 DAC I managed to sample and playback pretty good quality songs/samples. The difference between 7- and 8-bit sound isn't going to be that much different. Not sure what that had to do with ASCII though. More impressive is the speech in old Commodore 64 games (e.g. Ghostbusters, Impossible Mission etc) which used algorithms to "compress" speech so that it could fit in the limited RAM available (ESS Technology - Wikipedia).

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