Thread: Implementing cd command to a microshell

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    Implementing cd command to a microshell

    Hi, I have to write a microshell for my class at university, and I have a really big problem with making a cd command work.
    I basically don't have anything to show you, because every way I tried it just doesn't work.
    I want something like this - cd \Desktop - work.
    I know I have to split the string into at least two, but I have no idea what else to do with it. My best shot was at using switch, but chdir did not work with it at all.
    Help please?

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    How can we possibly tell you what you did wrong if you show no code?
    Why does Desktop have a windows-style backslash before it instead of the *nix-style forward slash?
    What do you mean "split the string into at least two"?
    Why would you use a switch?
    Nothing about your question makes sense.
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