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    Read more images at once

    Hi all. How can I read multiple images from a folder, then process them(add some effects) and then redirect them to a specific folder, with a specific name?
        char input[] = "./input/images/file1.bmp";    
        char output[] = "./output/newfile1.bmp";
        FILE *fIn = fopen(input, "rb");
        FILE *fOut = fopen(output, "wb");
        if (!fIn || !fOut)
            printf("File error.\n");
    this is only part of the code. How can I process multiple images at once? From my example, only one image is processed.
    A little help please?

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    Accessing command line parameters/arguments
    So for example, you could type
    myprog ./input/images/*.bmp ./output

    Or you could just specify the names of your input and output directories, and use this.
    Accessing a directory and all the files within it
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