Thread: I need help with my school project please

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    I need help with my school project please

    I need to create a car rental program but i do not know how to start.
    Here are the instruction.

    Zoom Motors, a car rental company, rents out cars through an automated booking system.The company has approached you to develop a car rental program.This C program allows a customer to choose the car model and enter the remaining rentaldetails^ for his/her booking.^ Each car rental has the following rental details:- Car model,- Start date,- End date,- Customer ID, and- Rental cost.Your program should have at least 3 car models (Honda FIT, Honda Coupe and HondaSedan) for the customer to choose from. Rental cost is based the selected car model andthe rental duration in days.Your program must have a proper user authentication.Once the rental details are entered, the program will display the rental cost payable by thecustomer.When the abovementioned car rental transaction is completed, it will then display the mainmenu again to handle the next customer.The company manager should be able to see at least the last 3 car rentals when he selectsthe quit option to exit the program.

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    First, you should print your requirements out (on paper), with decent paragraph and sentence breaks (not a wall of text like you posted).

    Give yourself room to add information on the page, like say
    - functions to do things
    - structures to store things

    Outline a plan of how you would implement the code, and read this.
    A development process

    Create side projects to test specific ideas if you're unsure of a particular coding idea.

    Feel free to post your code when you're stuck.
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