Thread: Vector dynamically allocated.

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    Vector dynamically allocated.

    A vector with n integer elements is given. It is required the return of a new vector, dynamically allocated, that will have in position i the product of all elements in the received vector, except the element in position i.

    I created the vector that receives in elements, but I do not know how to take an element then multiply it with each one less himself, and take the value of the first element in the new vector.
    Example: v[i] = v[i+1] * v[i+2]
    4 5 6
    30 24 20

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    Use a pen and paper, write down what you want to do and code it out. Create a function which returns a vector. In the function create a new vector. Add a sensible loop. Add your conditions. Save the values into new vector correctly. Return this new vector.
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