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    My assignment for C project

    So I was kinda in a rush for my C programming and I regret for not paying attention in class. Now I'm here seeking for help ;-;

    My part is to program a booking module which includes Booking ID, today’s date, booking date, booking time, user ID, facility ID,
    Example: B1116, 5/11/2019, 10/11/2019, 10am-11am, 19WMD09123, F0001, ...

    My module must incorporate the following 3 programming concepts which are
    1. Structures
    -Include as many useful fields as you feel is necessary
    -Incorporate structure, nested structure, and array of structure into
    your program.
    2. Text file or binary file
    -Must use a mixture of text files and binary files.
    -Enhance efficiency, readability and re-usability by using functions
    whenever appropriate.
    -Include parameters where appropriate and minimize/eliminate the
    use of global variables.

    Lastly the requirements for my module must include these 4 compulsory functions listed in a menu: Add, Search, Modify and Display. The Add function should save new record(s) into the
    corresponding text/binary file, the Search function should retrieve appropriate data from the text/binary file and display it in a suitable format. The Modify function allows a user to make changes to the data. Some basic data validation should be done before saving new or modified record(s) into a file. For the Display function, it should display all the records in an appropriate tabular format.
    [Suggestion: At the start of every module run, read all data from the text/binary file
    into an array of structures. Perform the necessary processing on the array. At the end
    of the module run, write the updated array of structures back to the text/binary file.]

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    I believe there's something to do with this code

    #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>
    #pragma warning (disable:4996)
    void main()
    	struct Booking {
    		char bookingID[5];
    		char bookingTDate[25];
    		char bookingDate[25];
    		char bookingTimeStart[4];
    		char bookingTimeEnd[4];
    		int bookingUID[10];
    		char bookingFID[5];
    	char answer, answer2;
    	bookFile = fopen("booking.dat", "ab");
    	printf("Do you want to book a facility? (Y=Yes) > ");
    	scanf("%c", &answer);
    	if (answer == 'Y' || answer == 'y')
    		do {
    			printf("Enter booking detail :");
    			printf("Booking ID		 : ");
    			scanf(" %s", &book.bookingID);
    			printf("Today's Date		 : ");
    			scanf(" %d", &book.bookingTDate);
    			printf("Booking Date		 : ");
    			scanf(" %s", &book.bookingDate);
    			printf("Booking Time		 : ");
    			scanf(" %s", &book.bookingTimeStart);
    			printf("Booking Time		 : ");
    			scanf(" %s", &book.bookingTimeEnd);
    			printf("User ID			 : ");
    			scanf(" %d", &book.bookingUID);
    			printf("Facility ID		 : ");
    			scanf(" %s", &book.bookingFID);
    			fwrite(&book, sizeof(book), 1, bookFile);
    			printf("Add next booking? (Y = Yes) : ");
    			scanf("%c", &answer2);
    		} while (answer2 == 'Y' || answer2 == 'y');
    		printf("Bye bye \n");

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