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    Some functionality in generic Red-Black tree - C

    Hey everyone.
    So, my final project in C deals with generic Red Black tree data structure.
    I have only one function to implement to finish this project but some bugs occur with him.
    I think the problem is with the copy pointer, as it's passed as a pointer and not as a pointer to pointer, so if I am modifying it - it doesn't effect the "real one".

    We mustn't change the signature of the functions and this is my problem.
     * Represents a vector. The double* should be dynamically allocated
    typedef struct Vector
        int len;
        double *vector;
    } Vector;
     * copy pVector to pMaxVector if : 1. The norm of pVector is greater then the norm of pMaxVector.
     *                                    2. pMaxVector == NULL.
     * @param pVector pointer to Vector
     * @param pMaxVector pointer to Vector
     * @return 1 on success, 0 on failure (if pVector == NULL: failure).
    int copyIfNormIsLarger(const void *pVector, void *pMaxVector); // implement it in Structs.c
    There is some functionality which depends on this function (when the current data in the tree is Vector) from above:

     * a node of the tree.
    typedef struct Node
        struct Node *parent, *left, *right;
        Color color;
        void *data;
    } Node;
     * represents the tree
    typedef struct RBTree
        Node *root;
        CompareFunc compFunc;
        FreeFunc freeFunc;
        int size;
    } RBTree;
     * a function to apply on all tree items.
     * @object: a pointer to an item of the tree.
     * @args: pointer to other arguments for the function.
     * @return: 0 on failure, other on success.
    typedef int (*forEachFunc)(const void *object, void *args);
     * Helper function to forEachRBTree which is in charge to recurse the BST in ascending order while activating each
     * one of the nodes.
     * @param tree: the tree with all the items.
     * @param func: the function to activate on all items.
     * @param args: more optional arguments to the function (may be null if the given function support it).
     * @param indicator: if the func is failed - indicator will be assigned with -1 indicating failure.
     * @return: 0 on failure, other on success.
    void forEachRBTreeHelper(Node *node, forEachFunc func, void *args, int* indicator)
        if (node == NULL)
        /* first recur on left child */
        forEachRBTreeHelper(node->left, func, args, indicator);
        /* then activate the func on node */
        if (node->data == NULL || func(node->data, args) == 0) {
            *indicator = -1; // failed!
        /* now recur on right child */
        forEachRBTreeHelper(node->right, func, args, indicator);
    int forEachRBTree(RBTree *tree, forEachFunc func, void *args) {
        if (tree == NULL || func == NULL) {
            return 0;
        int indicator = 0;
        forEachRBTreeHelper(tree->root, func, args, &indicator); // Recurse and activate func
        if (indicator == -1) {
            return 0;
        return 1;
     * free all memory of the data structure using in-order recursion in order to not to cause memory leaks.
     * @param node: the current node to free.
    void freeRBTreeHelper(Node* node) {
        if (node == NULL) {
        if (node->right == NULL && node->left == NULL) {
    So, I have a bug in one of the functions: copyIfNormIsLarger (I have a nonsense implementation so I don't even attach it), forEachRBTree or in forEachRBTreeHelper.

    Can someone help me with that?

    Thanks in advance!
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