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    Scanf an integer - C


    Suppose I want to scanf an int - here it doesn't work if I just do:

    int in;
    scanf("%i", &in);
    Why is it?
    What's the difference between that and:

    float f;
    scanf("%f", &f);
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure what you're getting at. Both of those seems to "work".

    However, if you mean to only allow decimal input for the integer then it's better to use %d instead of %i since %i accepts inputs like 010 as octal (hence decimal 8, not 10), which is probably not what the user intended. Although %i is sometimes useful, especially for hex input in the for 0xab.
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    @John - we are now discussing this issue at the other thread.
    Thank you!!!

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