Thread: Overwrite SRET by overflow

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    Overwrite SRET by overflow


    I am trying to overflow an unsigned short variable in order to overwrite a save return address and point it to an address of my preference. Let's assume the address I want to point it to is 0xbfffffff (assume it exists and is a valid accessible address).

    ​int main(int argc, char** argv) {
        char *buff;
        unsigned short size, i, argumentNum, randomUnusedVar;
        size = 65535;
        // trying to overflow
        buff = alloca(size + 1);
        memset(buff, '-', size+1);
        // read for arguments
        for (i = 1; i < argc; i++) {
            // assume input can only be %c%d i.e. a0 c10 b4  
            argumentNum = atoi(argv[i] + 1);
            // assume there is some sort of protection against out of bounds access unless overflow
            if (argumentNum >= size) {
               return 1;
            // assume there is protection against writing any string
            // only single characters may be written
            buff[argumentNum] = argv[i][0];
        return 0;
    Executing the code above with arguments like a0 q10 z513 will result in characters a,q,z being written somewhere on the stack(whatever alloca() pointed buff to).

    I was wondering if there is that "single character write-only protection" against writing strings, executing the program with input like buff[66357] = "0xbfffffff"; would be prevented.

    However, I am unsure whether it is still impossible to overwrite the save return address in some way even if our made-up program has this protection.

    P.S. I am doing this for education purposes in a local environment with disabled stack protection in the gcc compiler.

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    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
        unsigned short size = 12345;
        char buff[10];
        printf("%d\n", size); // 12345
        buff[-1] = 0xff;
        printf("%d\n", size); // 65337 (for me, at least)
        return 0;
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