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    Arrow Count numbers in string

    Hello, can you help me, how can i count numbers in string, for example "60 10" if i want result 70?

    int main() {
       char r[5];
       int v;
       v = total("60 10", r, 5);
       if (v) {
         printf("%s\n", r);
       } else {
         printf("result is too great\n");

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    Use sscanf() or strtol() on your input string.
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    Where's the function definition for total (const char* , char* , int)? What is 'r' supposed to mean? What is 'v' supposed to mean? Start using descriptive variable names and get rid of the habit of using a bunch of random letters to denote your variable names.

    What do you intend to do by writing "if (v)"? It will only result to false when v == 0 and for all other cases, it will print r. You probably want it to be some kind of check.

    If you are going to be using spaces between each of the two numbers and null-terminated strings for sure, try writing a StringToInt conversion function.

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    Ok, thank you. Can you help in source code? How would you write it?

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    Hallo Lolcoman!

    May be you can use strtok() declared in string.h (also cstring)
    you can see a example:
    // splits a String into several parts
    #include <stdio.h>  //printf
    #include <stdlib.h> //atoi EXIT_SUCCESS
    #include <string.h> // strcpy, strtok
    // argument 1(*var)= strint to split
    // argument 2=delimiter
    // argument 2 = 2 dimensional array where the tokens are copied
    // Return-Value: number of tokens where found
    int mixed(char *var, char *delimiter, char numbers[20][30])
     printf ("the delimiter is: %s(space)\nTokens:\n", delimiter);
      int retval = 0, i = 0;
      char * d;
      d = strtok (var, delimiter);
      while (d != NULL)
        strcpy(numbers[i], d); 
        printf ("i: %2d      String: %s\n", i, numbers[i]);
        d = strtok (NULL, delimiter);
     return retval;
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
     char test[] = {"60 10 Winston Charly John 44 67 Henry 0 Mary-Jane_Lovley"};
     char delimiter[] = " ";
     char numbers[20][30] = {0};
     int ival = 0, i,j, result_a, sum = 0;
     printf ("String to split into tokens:\n%s\n\n", test);
     result_a =mixed(test, delimiter, numbers);
     printf ("\nNumber of tokens: %d\n-----tokens splited into characters-------\n", result_a);
     for (i = 0; i < result_a; i++)
       printf("i: %2d     ", i);
        for (j = 0; j < 30; j++)
         printf(" %c ", numbers[i][j]);     
      printf ("-----tokens converted into int-values------\n");
      for (i = 0; i < result_a; i++)
        ival = atoi(numbers[i]);
        sum += ival;
        printf("ival: %d\n", ival);
      printf("\nsum of all int-values:   %d\n\n", sum);
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    This code is not without failures because the argument number 3,
    the char array must have enough size if you don't want to have a

    output of the example:
    String to split into tokens:
    60 10 Winston Charly John 44 67 Henry 0 Mary-Jane_Lovley
    the delimiter is:  (space)
    i:  0      String: 60
    i:  1      String: 10
    i:  2      String: Winston
    i:  3      String: Charly
    i:  4      String: John
    i:  5      String: 44
    i:  6      String: 67
    i:  7      String: Henry
    i:  8      String: 0
    i:  9      String: Mary-Jane_Lovley
    Number of tokens: 10
    -----tokens splited into characters-------
    i:  0      6  0                                                         
    i:  1      1  0                                                         
    i:  2      W  i  n  s  t  o  n                                               
    i:  3      C  h  a  r  l  y                                                 
    i:  4      J  o  h  n                                                     
    i:  5      4  4                                                         
    i:  6      6  7                                                         
    i:  7      H  e  n  r  y                                                   
    i:  8      0                                                           
    i:  9      M  a  r  y  -  J  a  n  e  _  L  o  v  l  e  y                             
    -----tokens converted into int-values------
    ival: 60
    ival: 10
    ival: 0
    ival: 0
    ival: 0
    ival: 44
    ival: 67
    ival: 0
    ival: 0
    ival: 0
    sum of all int-values:   181
    If you would change some things in 'mixed' you could
    save directly the converted int-values into a int-array.
    But that will be your work.
    Sorry but my English is not very good, so i prefer to take examples.
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    Thank you very much! Why can i use this terms?

    printf("result: %d\n", sum);//vypsaní vysledku
        int pole[]={sum};
        if (pole < 1)
        return (EXIT_SUCCESS);

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    I want to number (sum 10) into array for example [5] and if it smaller return 1 else return 1. If you know what i mean? Thank

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