Thread: What are steps to delete node

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    What are steps to delete node

    I want to delete any node in my list I am trying to make function that can delete any node and I have no idea how to do it.

    struct node{
      int Number;
      struct node *next;
    struct node* newNode(int number, struct node *next) {
        struct node *new = malloc(sizeof(*new));
               new->Number = number;
               new->next = next;
        return new;
    void show(struct node *head){
         struct node *c;
         c = head;
         while (c!=NULL){
               c = c->next;
    int main (void ) {
       struct node *head = NULL;  
    head = newNode(10, head);
    head = newNode(20, head);
    head = newNode(30, head);
        return 0;
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    Draw on paper a singly linked list with say, 4 nodes. Pick a node and think about how you might go about doing it. Pick another node, say the first and last and go through how you would delete it. Try drawing linked lists with just one or two nodes and do the same.

    When you have gone through this exercise, you would have a good idea how to write code to delete a node from a singly linked list.
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    Or if you don't wanna do any of the above as @laserlight says and just want to get stuff done for hw, which is a bad thing if you wanna be a 'good' programmer and I recommend not to, hit google up and look at code written by someone else. I mean, seriously, your problem is not even a problem. Use sometime at the least to write down stuff on how you expect your program to behave, implement it, and then if everything falls apart though your thought process is right, come on here (or any other programming forum) and ask a question. You haven't written any code, not from what I can see, that implements or at-least tries to do what you want. No one here, none that I know, is going to sit and write your code for you...

    Post code relevant to your problem!

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    > I have no idea how to do it.

    Give us proof that you at-least tried in the first place! Show us failure so we know you are interested enough to try to take a programming task on your own. You don't try and learn to run without learning how to walk!
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