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    bigint modpow

    hello, im searching a function in c for modular exponentiation modpow using bigint.
    i just find for c#, anyone can help?

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    By "bigint" you mean multiple precision arithmetic integer types?
    Try libgmp.

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    i need this function

    int power(int x, int exp, int n) 
        int res = 1;      // Initialize result 
        x = x % n;  // Update x if it is more than or  
                    // equal to p 
        while (exp > 0) 
            // If y is odd, multiply x with result 
            if (exp & 1) 
                res = (res*x) % n; 
            // y must be even now 
            exp = exp>>1; // y = y/2 
            x = (x*x) % n;   
        return res; 
    but whit type BIGINT instead int

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    There is no such built-in type named BIGINT. Refer to flp1969's post #2 for a library that can help.
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