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    error in array

    i'm trying to create a function that reads specific value in array, there's no error in compiling but the output is not like the expected output, it keeps showing some random numbers

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <limits.h>
    int maxi, mini, subject;
    int A[0];
    int B[0];
    int C[0];
    int D[0];
    int E[0];
    int score[60];
    void scoregrade(int score[60]);
    void average(float, float);
    float countgpa, gpa;
    void maximini(int score[60]);
    void printset(void);
    int main()
            int maxi = INT_MIN;
            int mini = INT_MAX;
                for(subject=0; subject <=5; subject++){
                    printf("Please Enter The Score per Subject: ", (subject+1));
                                    scanf("%d", &score[subject]);                                }                                                                                                       scoregrade(score);
                   // maximini(score);
                    average(countgpa, gpa);
    void maximini(int score[60])
            for(subject=0; subject <=5; subject++){
            if (score[subject] >= maxi){maxi = score[subject];}
            else if (score[subject] <= mini){mini = score[subject];}
            printf("Max = %d\n", maxi);
            printf("Min = %d\n", mini);}
    void printset(void)
        printf("A = %d\n", A);
        printf("B = %d\n", B);
        printf("C = %d\n", C);
        printf("D = %d\n", D);
        printf("E = %d\n", E);
    void scoregrade(int score[60])
        for(subject = 0; subject <= 5; subject++){
            if (score[subject] >= 85)
                {A[0]++; printf("Your score is:%d => grade A\n", score[subject]);}
                    else if (score[subject] >= 70)
                        {B[0]++; printf("Your score is:%d => grade B\n", score[subject]);}
                            else if (score[subject] >= 60)
                                {C[0]++; printf("Your score is:%d => grade C\n", score[subject]);}
                                    else if (score[subject] >= 55)
                                        {D[0]++; printf("Your score is:%d => grade D\n", score[subject]);}
                                            else {E[0]++; printf("Your score is:%d => grade E\n", score[subject]);}
    void average(float countgpa, float gpa)
    //    for (subject = 0; subject <= 5; subject++){
        printf("GPA Semester 1: %.2f\n", gpa);
    sorry for asking such a noob question, thank you

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    I believe zero-length arrays as used here aren't standard C:
    int A[0];
    int B[0];
    int C[0];
    int D[0];
    int E[0];
    If I remember correctly, they are a language extension for a specific use involving flexible structs or something like that. This certainly isn't your use case here, and it looks like you don't need them to be arrays at all, so perhaps:
    int A;
    int B;
    int C;
    int D;
    int E;
    By the way, you should avoid global variables as they tend to make it harder to reason about (and hence debug and maintain) your program.
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