Thread: Replacing Morse to English

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    I don't think you might ever read anything written
    My apologies, i was busy coding awesome stuff in multiple languages including several of my own.

    That's that.
    Oh is that so mr. that's thatty ?

    The guy/girl may not even know what a #define is
    Please try to follow along.

    i just know i didnt do it well the first time and wanted to go back to it to try and understand how i should have
    Tbh if you are really interested in learning, this is something you will be doing very often.

    posting gibberish
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    Anyways... problem one is the fact you are using single quotes for strings which is invalid. Double quotes for strings ", single quotes for character '. Technically it should throw an error but i'm guessing the compiler just took the first character.

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    I vote to cancel this idiot's account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flp1969 View Post
    Maybe you find this more useful:

    Attachment 15837
    Well, yes. Same difference except I used this tree

    Replacing Morse to English-500px-morse-code-tree-svg-png

    I started writing an explanation of how my snippet works but I a quick search finds similar implementations (e.g. Morse encoder – PocketMagic) The implementation in that link is similar to the reasoning I went through but still relies, like mine, on implementation defined behaviour (specifically the character set encoding). It's the same general idea though

    Edit: Although that article's idea of preorder traversal is different to mine! I would have called my (and their) traversal BFS or level order, not preorder :/
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