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    Question Multithreading Exercises

    I'm trying to gain more experience writing multithreaded code, especially with pthreads.

    Occasionally I need to do it for work, but no often enough to really improve my skills to where I'd like to be.

    Do you have any recommended small programs which could benefit from a multithreaded architecture? I've written a program which searches a bunch of text (like GBs of it) before but other than that, aside from specific work-related use-cases that pop up, I have a hard time coming up with useful small program ideas I can use to implement pthreads. Thanks.
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    Various sorting algorithms can be split into parallel and sequential steps.

    Various image manipulation algorithms can be split to work on tiles of the image at the same time.
    Integer scaling would be quite easy.
    Fractional scaling, involving interpolation with neighbours would be challenging at the seams between tiles.

    Fetch a web page, then use threads to fetch each resource within the page as a separate thread.
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