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    Yeah that was a typo, thx for pointing it out to me, as for the avatar thing *breaths a big breath* YAAAAAAAY SOMEONE GOT THE REFERENCE! XD, sidenote I actually picked that avatar since it suits me to a T, intelligent yet stupid, also wow did not know that was an optical illusion, cool. Btw what sequal? I know of the original plus the prequel but didn't see any sequels
    Sequel is the inventively titled "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2". I regard the prequel (The Critter Chronicles [TCC]) as a sequel as well and just didn't find the humour in that one, especially, as good as the first game. I haven't played any of them for years now but from memory I found TCC a bit easier than the others as well.

    I dunno where I came across my avatar, but it's here:
    Optical Illusion - rotating points of light
    19 Mind Bending Illusions That Won'''t Make Sense The First Time | graphic design | Optical illusions, Illusions, Cool illusions

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    Thx, as for the "illusion" I see it as just the timing of the points moving to create a shape, just simpler version of what our screens do to my knowledge

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