Thread: need ready libcurl code to read URL into a buffer

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    need ready libcurl code to read URL into a buffer

    Hi Guys,

    I'm really pressed for time, all I need is to use libcurl to
    download the html for "Market News: Share Market Live Today, Latest Share Market News and Headlines"
    into a String or a memory buffer,and then parse it (this part i know).

    I dont want to use command-line curl - it has to be a C program.

    But the examples are somewhat confusing...
    please help..

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    If I was pressed for time I'd write a small Python program with the requests library instead

    What is your idea for using libcurl and what have you tried? Post your current code and tell us how does it not work.
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    Simple code for using libcurl easy interface: url2file.c

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    I dont know Python; but you sound so sure I must try it.

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    Thanks so much!
    I think this is pretty much what I need....

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