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    how to create diffrent sound frequencies

    i know there is a sound function
    but that is best for beepeing as far as i know
    i have seen in modren games drum beats are played and all sorts of music
    i dont wanna use a wave file or any file
    but i want to create that sound through programming
    do u get what i wanna say
    i want create the sounds using programming!
    because all the wav sounds and others sounds come out of speaker only
    and if they are dependent on some sound card then how to manipulate it through c.
    i use turboc 3.

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    I did this once, in VB though
    Here is how I did it, basic discription.

    Take a file or LONG LONG LONG string and input sometype of code or thing that can be parsed into frequencies, talk to the BIOS Controller then to the Sound Card and output the frequencies...

    Keep in mind for a constant tone it is actually oscilating. (REALLY big problem in VB, loops are so finite in the ways of VB)
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