Thread: What is the use of this function?

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    Question What is the use of this function?

    hello friends,

    i want to know what is the use of this function

    void gotoxy(int x ,int y){
     coord.X = x;
     coord.Y = y;
    also before this i see this line
    COORD coord= {0,0};

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    Still need to improve your web searching skills!
    gotoxy in C | Programming Simplified
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    well that program doesnt run on codeblocks
    i understand that it is used to change cursor position but

    what is the use of
    and this
    COORD coord= {0,0};

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    Then search the Web for "SetConsoleCursorPosition"
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    Furthermore, your question is this:

    "i want to know what is the use of this function "

    That is a bit concerning because quite literally, the use of the function is to set the console cursor position. Some functions are cryptic or at least have less straightforward names like atoi() for example...

    But that one is literally called SetConsoleCursorPosition()... So the question you're asking can be answered by... reading the function name. You didn't ask for how to use it, or how to implement it, you just asked for the use of it. So for that, you don't even really need to search!

    On top of that, the coords object is pretty full-of-clues as well... It's obviously an object which stores coordinates and thus passing that to the function will set the console cursor position to those coordinates...

    I'm not trying to be mean or condescending, but you will need to improve either your English language understanding skills and certainly your searching skills as pointed out above if you want to be able to consistently follow C programs written by others and really become skilled at this.

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've never done ANY front-end or graphical programming whatsoever. A very common way for pixels and visual objects to be manipulated on screen is to split the screen into pixels and then work with them using x and y coordinates like you've just seen.
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