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    Question Simple program structure.

    I have a problem in the followring code. After collecting the information for 3 employees, the program displays 2. Why?

    "The program should loop around the user prompts three times to read the information for three entries in the employee_database"

    #include <stdio.h>

    /* first define a single record */

    typedef struct {

    char forename[10];
    char surname[10];
    int age;
    float salary;
    } record_template;

    /* now to create the array if records*/

    int main()

    record_template employee_database[20];
    int t;
    int counter;

    for (t=0; t<3; t++)


    printf("Enter your forename\n");

    printf("Enter surname\n");
    scanf("%s", &employee_database[t].surname);

    printf("Enter age: ");
    scanf("%d", &employee_database[t].age);

    printf("Enter salary: ");
    scanf("%f", &employee_database[t].salary);

    for (counter=0; counter <3 ; counter++)
    printf("Employee no. %d\n", counter);
    printf("Surname: %s\n", employee_database[counter].surname);
    printf("Age : %d years \n", employee_database[counter].age);



    thanks a lot

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    It displays three lots of output when I run it. (ranging 0 to 2)

    My comments though:
    >scanf("%s", &employee_database[t].forename);
    doesn't do bounds checking, so what if the user enters more than 9 characters for this? You'll run into trouble, is what!

    >scanf("%d", &employee_database[t].age);
    You should check the user entered a valid number.
    See this post for more info.

    Add a return (0); statement at the end of main();

    And just to be pedantic , you use two different variables as loop counters, you only really need to use one in this code.

    Hope this helps
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