Thread: Bluetooth speaker extend capabilities.

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    Bluetooth speaker extend capabilities.

    Hello I don't know exactly if it's possible to work, I'm planning to buy a cheap bluetooth speaker such as doss traveler and scavenge the parts, I would like to add more bluetooth range 1 - 2 feet for starter and would like to sync multiple different bluetooth speaker, I'm planning this ahead to present something like this on my thesis (3 yrs from now), I'm just not sure if it's possible or not would like to ask some guide, docs anything related if possible. Thanks

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    TBH, you'd be much better off with a development kit than hacking about with some consumer item.
    bluetooth development kit - Google Search

    A change in range also requires a change in output power. You risk frying the electronics the first time you try it.

    Also, the whole electronics will be a SoC to keep the cost down.
    You'll have no interface to change the software (like a JTAG or I2C port), and extracting the radio component from the rest of the chip will be impossible.
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    Getting more range is going to be an electronics project.

    You need to make either an SMA or N-type connector and match the output to 50 ohms at bluetooth frequency (2.400 to 2.485 GHz). Use a network analyser to measure the output impedance.

    From there you can try different available antennas (lots of talking points for your thesis). Omni, dipole, patch, ... You'll have to say how directional you want the signal

    There are a lot of 9dB gain antennas

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