Thread: Delete an item from a linked list

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    Delete an item from a linked list

    Hi gentlemen, there's something really confusing me which is:
    how would I delete an item from a linked list when all
    I get is the item itself. ?

    any reasonable approach to share with me? thanks alot.

    I've wrote a code but the time complexity is O(n) (searching for the element and if found => delete it ) , I need to decrease the time complexity of deletion ..

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    Show us your code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanC
    I need to decrease the time complexity of deletion
    Use a doubly linked list instead, upon which deletion given a pointer to the node becomes a constant time operation. If you insist on a singly linked list, then change it such that you receive a pointer to the previous node instead, with some special case for the head. If you insist on having both a singly linked list and receiving a pointer to the node to be deleted, then you either accept a linear time average and worst case, or you commit seppuku. Good luck!
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