Thread: Possible name clash using GCC 9.1.0 between function and stuct name

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    Possible name clash using GCC 9.1.0 between function and stuct name

    I am building an old version of GCC (4.6.4) using GCC 9.1.0.

    And, the error looks like a name clash error to me.

    I was wondering what the C standard says about structure names and function names can they be the same.

    The error does not happen with an GCC 8.?.? or it might have been GCC 7.?.?.

    pretty-print.h:314:6: error: 'cgraph_node' is not defined as a type
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    I believe the tag namespace is separate, so struct cgraph_node would not conflict with a function named cgraph_node. On the other hand, perhaps it would be a better idea to use a different function name of the verb variety, like create_cgraph_node, but perhaps the gcc authors had some convention going on. If you use a typedef for the struct though, then there would be a name collision, but that should have happened in earlier versions of gcc too.
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