Thread: Function which makes a simmetric visit in a Binary Search Tree

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    Function which makes a simmetric visit in a Binary Search Tree

    Hi everyone.

    In this post I'm gonna show you just the definition of a function that I can't understand.

    Here we have the exercise.....
    Given a binary search tree:
    define a recursive function which makes a simmetric visit of the tree and which prints the value of every node.

    Two notes:
    Note number one: simmetric visit is that kind of visit which shows in order:
    1) Left sons;
    2) Root;
    3) Right sons.
    Note number two: every node of the tree is a structured data.

    struct btree{ 
          float value; 
         struct btree * left_ptr; 
         struct btree * right_ptr; 

    Here we have the definition of the function that I'm not comprehending.

    void visit_r(struct btree * ptr){ 
    /*function which takes in input a pointer to struct btree*/
    if (ptr != NULL) { /*if the pointer points to something*/
        printf("I search the left son... "); 
    /*I can't understand what happens here. I re-use my 
    function with a new input, but I will give a new input 
    until pointer==NULL. 
    When pointer will be == NULL, I will not
     enter in the "if cycle", and I will not be able
     to print the value of my nodes!*/
        printf("\n I print the value: %f \n", ptr->value);
    printf("I search the right son... "); 
    } printf("Let's go back... "); 
    /*I can't understand neither how it can go back, 
    how it can 'climb' the tree*/

    when it reaches line n10 it starts again from line n1 with a different input.
    But I still don't understand how it can work,
    because it will do this recursive path
    until 'ptr->left_ptr' will be' == NULL'.
    But when 'ptr->left_ptr' will be == 'NULL', I will not enter in the cycle "if(...)" and I will not be able to print the value of my nodes!

    P.s. The code is written by a university teacher.

    Thanks everyone!!

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    You already posted about this.

    *thread closed*
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