Thread: programing the arduino

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    programing the arduino

    as yet i haven't got the arduino its on order. however i have been looking at videos and books.

    it seams to me that a lot of the code for setting up the various boards is done globally ie
    int sensor_pin = 8
    void setup()
    //stuff here
    void loop()
    //more code here
    does it have to be done this way or is it sloppy practice

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    In embedded work like this there is usually some configuration of the device, often about what sensor or device is plugged into which port. For a particular physical configuration that basically represents a concept (or set of concepts) from the real world wiring of the device which does apply globally to the code operating the device, so it's typical.

    It may be nicer to organize these globals into a struct, so there's technically just one global object (struct), but that's just a technical difference with the potential positive twist that one might substitute configurations at runtime.

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    That's how you do it with an Arduino

    There is a setup where you setup the device - Things like interrupts, UART, pin I/O, data that you are going to use, ...

    After that you have the "Loop" - When you do an embedded project with a small device you put your project logic here. It will repeat forever.

    It will help you to think of the Arduino code like this...

    int main(void) 
      return 0;
    This sort of blueprint is what most embedded free-standing c programmes do: Setup and Loop. Arduino just formalises it.

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