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    Incompatible Return Type Question

    Hi there!

    Sorry for the rather simple question, I rarely ever code in plain C.

    But essentially, I have something that looks like this:

    // This is malloc'd and initialized somewhere, I promise!
    static char **somestrings = NULL;
    const char **getsomestrings(void)
        return somestrings;
    The compiler throws a warning at me "returning ‘char **’ from a function with incompatible return type ‘const char **’"

    Is it safe to just cast this like so:

    return ( const char** )somestrings;
    Or is there a legitimate reason the return type is considered "incompatible"?

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    In this case it is safe because you're going from something that can be modified to a const context. It is the vice versa situation that can be unsafe, e.g., because it could lead to an attempt to modify a string constant.
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