Thread: MSYS2 vs CLion

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    MSYS2 vs CLion

    Hey. I am trying to use CLion ide for my C11 Windows projects cause VS is not supporting it, and I have some weird issues with it, I can compile exact same thing with gcc from console but somehow Cmake is focking up everything. I have set my toolchain to C\msys64\mingw64 etc and I can import ie zlib, but I cant use any things from it, in example:

    import <zlib.h>; //ok
    int main() { 
    printf(zlib_version); //error no such thing zlib_version
    Seriously why this $#$% have to be such a complicated butth@rt? How can I use anything with that $@%@ piece of garbage cmake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ansgar.snow
    but I cant use any things from it, in example:
    I was not aware that C11 introduced such an import statement, and when I searched my copy of C11, I couldn't find it, so it looks like your example is invalid. Perhaps you meant to use the normal #include ?

    I also did a check of zlib.h, and it looks like you want ZLIB_VERSION, not zlib_version, i.e., PEBKAC: it may or may not also be the fault of your tools, but it is absolutely your own fault.
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