Thread: Transmit Data using Motorola and Intel Format

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    Transmit Data using Motorola and Intel Format

    I am facing serious problem of understanding and confusion of Motorola and Intel formats. My requirement is I have to transmit 8 bytes of data using CAN communications it is serial communication. Could you please explain me if i have to transmit data say

    ex1: 234 (0xEA) -- Byte 0
    ex2: 1230(0x4CE) -- Byte 0 and Byte1

    How would i transmit? For Intel i think it is straight forward of Transmitting 0xEA. For Motorola how it will look like?

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    You look at the specification for CAN.

    If CAN says little-endian, then you transmit CE 04 regardless of whether your machine is big-endian or little-endian.
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    It's not explicit in the specifications of Controller Area Network, but it suggests all data encodings are BIG ENDIAN (pretty standard for any network packets since the 60's). Groups of bits are arranged from msb to lsb order. (See DL3-DL0 and CRC SEQUENCE fields)...

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