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    Hybrid Password

    Hello guys password in my code must escape the hacker.I tried to do something with swap but I couldn't make the loop.Could you help please?

    #include <stdio.h>
    void swap(int *value,int*Hybridized_Password){
    	int swap_operand =*value;
    	*value =*Hybridized_Password;
    	*Hybridized_Password = swap_operand;
    int main()
    	int a=1111
    	int password[4] ={9999};
    	printf("\nBefore Swapping Hybridization:a=%d & password[0]=%d\n",a,password[0]);
    	swap(%a,&password[0]); // a and default password go swap function
    printf("\nAfter Swapping Hybridization:a=%d &password[0]=%d\n",a, password[0]);

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    How does it not work, and what does this "hybrid password" have to do with anything?
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    This is the only hybridization part.I have to set loop of it but I could not

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    the letters will escape to the farthest values ​​with ascii code.
    Example my password abcd.For example my password is ABCD. if the hacker approaches my password, thanks to ascii code will be missed Will be 9876

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    So... Just to clarify...

    A - > 9
    B - > 8
    C - > 7
    D - > 6
    E - > 5?
    J - > ?

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    Cross-posted here -> Hybrid password - C++ Forum
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    I can't be the only one scratching my head on this one.

    Can you explain what you mean by each the following statements in your description?

    • "the letters will escape": how does a letter "escape"? What is it escaping?
    • "to the farthest values with ascii code": what is the "farthest value", and how are you expecting to use ASCII to achieve this?
    • "if the hacker approaches my password": how does a hacker "approach" your password? What does that even mean?
    • "thanks to ascii code will be missed": how will the password be "missed"?
    • How do you get "9876" from "ABCD" (or is it "abcd")?

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