Thread: issue with strcpy

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    issue with strcpy

    i have the following call to strcpy
    strcpy(colour_piece_to_take, current_player ? "w" : "b");
    printf("%s\n", colour_piece_to_take);
    i expected it to print out a w to the screen but instead i got -8714

    what is going on??

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    When faced with some weirdness like this, what I'd do is to write a tiny program containing just this along with the necessary declarations, then compile and run it to see what I get. (It's basically the technique described in my signature below.)
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    the issue was im a complete idiot and i typed %d not %s as i didn't cut and paste it didn't transfer across..... it now says w as it should. however i have used your char* p_label trick and all is smiles and roses

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