Thread: Overwriting a row of a dynamic 2D array in C

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    Overwriting a row of a dynamic 2D array in C

    Hello! I have been trying to come up with a code that overwrites a row of a dynamic 2D array/matrix for quite some time, and when I thought I managed to do it turns out it works for `number of rows>number of columns`type of a matrix only. I am fairly new to this and can not seem to find an error .

    printf("Enter a number of a row you wish to delete: ");
                scanf_s("%d", &k);
                if (k >= 0 && k < vr) { //vr is number or rows
                  for (i = 0; i < kol; i++) { //kol -nmbr of columns
                        unsigned int *tmp;
                        for (j = k + 1; j < vr; j++) a[j - 1][i] = a[j][i];
                        tmp = realloc(a[i], (vr - 1) * sizeof(unsigned int));
                        if (tmp == NULL) {
                        else a[i] = tmp;

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    How is a declared in the first place?

    If you're starting with
    unsigned int **a = malloc( nRows * sizeof(*a));

    Where each row is
    a[i] = malloc( nCols * sizeof(*a[i]));

    To remove a row, it's simply
    for (j = i+1; j < nRows ; j++) a[j-1] = a[j];

    After that, you can use realloc to make a itself shorter, and decrement nRows.

    > //vr is number or rows
    So change the variable to be something actually readable, then you don't need meaningless comments.
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