Thread: Can somebody explain to me what is happening here?

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    Can somebody explain to me what is happening here?


    Here is a small piece of code with the output:
    Can somebody explain to me what is happening here?-output-png

    I do understand that given the 2nd initialization (i = 1) , the following condition is not true and hence the program leaves the loop right away without printing out "ABC".

    But I do not understand why it would print out
    the first initialization (printf("Z")) ?

    Has someone an idea?


    edit: Please ignore the 2nd image - somehow I cannot remove it.
    Attached Images Attached Images Can somebody explain to me what is happening here?-output-png 
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    That's not an initialisation; that's a subexpression, the left hand side of a comma expression. So, of course it will be executed: control enters that part, and only exits the loop when it reaches the next part, i.e., the loop condition.

    Note that i = 1 is also not an initialisation: it is an assignment, although it does assign the initial value of i. If you wanted to initialise i, you would do that at the point of declaration.
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    Thanks, helps a lot.
    Just did not imagine for an unknown reason that expressions are getting executed when they appear within the brackets of a for-loop.
    But in hindsight, of course the expression must get executed, as same as the programm successively executes all other commands, such as value-assignements, increments, etc.

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