Thread: Confusion with global variables

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    Confusion with global variables

    I am getting strict orders to limit the number of global variables to be used. So i am trying to change the logic if possible. One such scenario is the application gives a request to transmit a group of messages and it is asynchronous. There is a cyclic task which will be doing this job of transmission. But how does it know that an application is requesting for transmission without global variables. Is it possible? Please advise.

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    If you must change your "global" variable inside a function, it is always possible to pass the pointer to a local variable from the caller. For example:
    void do_something(int *);
    int main( void )
      int state = 0;
      do_something( &state );
      // now 'state' is 1.
    void do_something( int *statep )
       // change *statep if you must!
       *statep = 1;
    Technically, this 'state' variable isn't global...

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