Thread: Question: C99 strange form of for loops...

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    Question: C99 strange form of for loops...

    ISO 9989:1999 standard says, about the language grammar, that this is a valid construction (@ 6.8.5):

    for ( declaration expression-opt; expression-opt ) statement
    I've never seen such construction and specifies only the usual form. The compiler (GCC), it appears, doesn't allow this form

    Someone have examples for the 2 arguments form? (I'm not able to make it work!).

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    Ahhhhhhhh... Found it! It is because a declaration is defined as:

     declaration-spacifiers init-declarator-list-opt;

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    You need to go back to the syntax for a declaration:
        declaration-specifiers init-declarator-list_opt ;
    So, the for loop syntax is actually equivalent to:
    for ( declaration-specifiers init-declarator-list_opt ; expression_opt ; expression_opt ) statement
    that's why later in clause the standard expresses the two possibilities in a single form:
    for ( clause-1 ; expression-2 ; expression-3 ) statement
    but in this form the text then has to account for the different possibilities that clause-1 could take, i.e., declaration or expression.
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