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    Steps to program

    Yeah i did so much programming but every time i start writing a new program/logic nervousness comes in. Just want to know the exact steps to follow before I jump to coding. I think i am doing a big mistake by directly jumping into programming.

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    I think this is akin to those story/essay writing assignments they made you do in school. Some students just jump in after reading the question and make things up as they go along. It might work, but it's also likely that they will end up with plenty of plot holes or an incoherent argument. Other students take some time to write a plan, and while the plan might change as they flesh out the writing, they have a better chance of being consistent and coherent.

    Software development methodologies are basically sophisticated versions of this "student planning then writing" thing: they involve different ways to come up with the plans (i.e., unlike individual writing in school, programming is more like a long running group essay, so communication is an important factor), and different ways to structure planning versus execution and other aspects. So you could learn about them and start using them: no matter what you pick, it'll be better than "directly jumping into programming".
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    I'd say that it depends on what you are doing.

    The other day I started a new project - Because it will be a large addition to an existing project, the first thing I did is slowly go through the existing code and documentation so that I fully understood what needed to be done.

    Then using a piece of paper, I broke the problem into sub-problems

    My next step was to start writing code.

    I used a "top down" approach - Start with the high level stuff (the bits that interacted with the existing code) and worked my way down to the hardware controlling software, testing each stage as I go.

    When I first started writing C console programmes I opened notepad and typed out what I wanted the programme to do:

    *** Multiplication ***
    Please enter the first number: 5
    Please enter the second number: 4

    The result is: 20

    ... You can then get a grasp of what needs to be done.

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