Thread: Accessing structs in functions

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    Accessing structs in functions

    Im having some issues while referring to values passed to a function from a pointer.

    typedef struct {
     double x;
     double y;
    } Point;
    typedef struct {
     Point angle0;
     Point angle1;
     Point angle2;
    } Triangle;
    int main() {
        Triangle T;
        T.angle0 = enterPoint();
        T.angle1 = enterPoint();
        T.angle2 = enterPoint();
        printf ("The perimeter is %.2f", getPerimeter(&T));
    void printVertices(const Triangle *tr) {
        printf ("The point coordinates are: ");
        printf ("[%.2f, %.2f], ", tr->angle0.x, tr->angle0.y);
        printf ("[%.2f, %.2f], ", tr->angle1.x, tr->angle1.y);
        printf ("and [%.2f, %.2f]\n", tr->angle2.x, tr->angle2.y);
    double distanceBetweenPoints(const Point *p1, const Point *p2) {
        double x = (p2->x - p1->x) * (p2->x - p1->x);
        double y = (p2->x - p1->y) * (p2->x - p1->y);
        double distance = sqrt(x+y);
        return distance;
    double getPerimeter(const Triangle* tr) {
        double a, b, c;
        a = distanceBetweenPoints((*tr).angle0, (*tr).angle1);
        b = distanceBetweenPoints(&tr.angle1, &tr.angle2);
        c = distanceBetweenPoints(&tr.angle2, &tr.angle0);
        double perimeter = a + b + c;
        return perimeter;
    My issue lies in getPerimeter(). I have tried multiple solutions of grabbing the values stored in the 'tr' variable but I've had many errors. Incompatible types, request for member in something not a structure or union, and too few argument errors. Please assist me in calling the values of tr.angle0 , tr.angle1, and tr.angle2 in the getPerimeter() function

    nvm. Solved with distanceBetweenPoints(&tr->angle0, &tr->angle1);
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    Good to hear that you've solved it yourself. Have you considered naming those members points rather than angles, since the type is Point after all? I suspect readers would expect an angle to be a quantity in radians or degrees, rather than a Point.
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