Thread: Noob with super quick question.

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    Noob with super quick question.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
    	int age1, age2, age3, average;
    	age1 = age2 = 4;
    	printf("Enter your age.\n");
    	scanf("%d\n", &age1);
    	average = (age1 + age2 + age3) / 3;
    	printf("Group average age: %d\n", average);
    	return 0;
    Ok, in this program, I知 ABSOLUTELY Sure you guys know what I知 trying to do here. Every once in a while though, it seems my compiler is throwing away one of the variables in my equation. When I put 4 as input, it gives 2 as output. Seems like it痴 dropping one of the age variables. I知 using cpp compiler on my iPhone as I知 stuck without a computer for a couple months while I save up as my old pc痴 mobo went out (RIP, lol). Anyways I ALWAYS try my best to research my issues and only ask for help if I really can稚 find it anywhere else. If I did something stupid please be easy on me. I did try to make sure I wasn稚 wasting any bodies time, but I知 still pretty brand new at this. Thanks.
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    You don't seem to have read in the values for age2 and age3. You assigned them to age1 before giving them initial values, which is wrong.
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    That DAMN selective dyslexia AGAIN! Haha, lol. Thanks, totally makes since after I read your reply I caught it. Gosh I知 trying so hard to avoid doing things like this but every so often I find myself making a headslap. It so funny because I always catch the big things, but I hope I get better with the small minutiae I miss sometimes. Thanks for being patient with me!

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    Tested your code under an assumption that initialization skipping over age3 was the issue; it was.

    age3 uninitialized resulted in average equaling 0 (where age1 & age2 were both initialized to 4); explicitly setting age3 to 0 and performing the average with age1 & age2 initialized to 4 resulted in 2 (int) correctly. You generally get compiler warnings about uninitialized variables so you can go verbose with Visual Studio as well as any number of others like Code::Blocks using clang/gcc simply setting compiler output flags like -Wall or -Weverything. Had fun with this one.

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