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    Help with program.

    So I was learning about linked list and I created a method to delete the list, I am getting run-time error(unusual flow of control) with the goto statement in main function which I'm using as a looped confirmation prompt, here:

    #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>
    struct Node{
        int data;
        struct Node *next;
    struct Node* push(struct Node *current_head, int new_data)
        struct Node* new_node = (struct Node*)malloc(sizeof(struct Node));
        new_node->data = new_data;
        new_node->next = current_head;
        return new_node;
    void displayList(struct Node* current_head)
      while(current_head != NULL){
          printf("%d\n", current_head->data);
          current_head = current_head->next;
    struct Node* deleteList(struct Node* current_head){
        struct Node *next;
        while(current_head != NULL){
            next = current_head->next;
            current_head = next;
        printf("The list is deleted.");
        return current_head;
    int main(){
        int num;
        puts("Enter the elements:(-1 to end)");
        while(num != -1){
            scanf("%d", &num);
            if(num != -1)
                head = push(head, num);
        puts("Displaying the List:");
        puts("Do you want to empty list before exiting?");
        askAgain: {
            puts("Y or N?");
            char choice;
            scanf("%c", choice);
            if(choice == 'Y' || choice == 'N' || choice == 'n' || choice == 'y')
              if(choice == 'Y' || choice == 'y'){
                  head = deleteList(head);
                printf("Invalid Input. Try again:");
                goto askAgain;
        return 0;

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    Change the use of goto to a loop control structure. You should not be using goto for this.
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