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    Where to go from here?

    Well, i've been working on C for 13 months (since Feb 2018) and i've kinda hit a stump. I was figuring on working through my third beginner book "C Programming Language: 4th Editon" by Stephan Kochan and I got to the fourth chapter and it seems a bit repetive (a chapter on Arrays). I understand the material. I think it's time to start coding more and stop reading this book, I was planning on working through the whole 545 pages and doing all the exercises, again this seems repetivive and would waste up my time. I really need to start a project. I understand all C keywords, and can refer to C Programming Tutorial while I start one of my projects.

    I was wondering how to get ideas for a few projects. I coded a simple menu driven grocery inventory program that reads and writes items (to a text file) in my refrigerator, freezer, and dry stock back around Christmas 2018. Right now two ideas of projects I have are a body weight logging program (running on freebsd console compile with gcc) or a program that calculates timezone differences.

    I dipped into asm for intel 64 bit a few weeks back, and started to answer questions out of a book. I also have access to a public library branch here in San Diego which has several programming books on ASM.

    Also, I have yet to use a debugger (gdb on freebsd) 2.6. Debugging much.

    Where to go from here?
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    Find a few projects which interest you and start listening in on the development feeds (lurk).

    Study the code.
    Study the bug tracker.
    Study commit 'diff' output to see how bugs were fixed.
    Study the documentation.
    Study the programming, testing, submission guidelines for the project.

    When you've found some combination of code + process + people you think you can get along with, then introduce yourself to the maintainer and ask if there is something you can help with.

    Your personal project ideas seem good ones to work on.
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    I once asked a similar question a few years ago now and Salam recommended

    Now I do the same
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