Thread: recompiling when moving source code?

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    recompiling when moving source code?

    I am using Linux CentOS. I have copied my C source codes directory and my bin directory from my local computer to a server location and I ran those copied scripts (I changed my path also to find those copied scripts and not the original ones from my local computer).
    I forgot to recompile everything but the codes have been running because I have copied the bin directory too.

    The scripts have been running for a while and I am really tight with time so I wouldn't want to stop them to recompile everything but I am wondering is it necessary to recompile or it is okay to simply run the copied compiled files from /bin directory?

    Also, there is a lot of things done by these scripts, they are a part of a software so there is a chance that I will get bad results which I won't notice in case I did the wrong thing.

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    As long as there are no permission issues, where your C code is placed doesn't matter except during development (because you and your compiler toolchain need to know where it is!)

    What does matter for running the program is where the compiled program and any supporting dynamic libraries are. But even then, you could move your compiled program without a problem as long as you didn't hardcode any filesystem paths that it uses.
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    If you moved the code to another machine then overall it is best to recompile. However, if the machine and OS are essentially the same then it may be okay.
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    Maybe try the Linux room? You might get some better answers there
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