Thread: Extracting information from stdin using scanf()

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    Extracting information from stdin using scanf()

    Hello, I’m writing a program that reads stdin using scanf() and extracts 2 pieces of information to use later. I want to use string formatting and scanf() to do this since I’m very new to C and want to learn more about scanf().

    So far I am able to correctly extract the first part of my input, but printf outputs an incorrect value for the next part. This is the kind of input I am reading every time (I want to capture 10 characters and 1 int):

    abcdefghij xyz 1

    I want to place abcdefghij and 1 into two separate variables. This is what I have done:

    int main(){
    char myString[11];
    int myString2;
    scanf("%s*%d", &myString[0], &myString2);
    printf("%s  %d\n", myString, myString2);
    return 0;
    This should output: abcdefghij 1, but instead I get: abcdefghij 0.
    There are no errors or warnings when compiling or running either. If someone could point out my mistake I would be really grateful! Thank you!

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    scanf("%s%*s%d", &myString[0], &myString2);
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