Thread: Would anyone be able to compile this simple code from make to exe please? I can't.

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    Cool Would anyone be able to compile this simple code from make to exe please? I can't.

    I have tried for days now. It's a small demodulator program for the Meteor M2 weather satellite demodulator. It's a Github site & it's open source & free so I don't think there's any probs posting about it here, I hope. Also it needs th libncurses-dev, libncursesw5-dev, libpthread plus just a few more deps I couldn't find (listed by typing ldd program_name). I originally had it working a few weeks ago so I know it works but I deleted it off my R-pi 3 & can't get it to work again properly since . Even if u could spare ashare some tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated. I did mamage to compile it on my Pi again a few days ago but I had to change some .c files syntax (mainly utils.c the VERSION tags). I notice it says splash does that mean I need Splash? As you can tell still very much a noob here, but I've been trying to pick it up.. Oh yeah when I run the exe file on anything after that all I get is "segmentation fault" which is frustrating when theres no info to fix it! I will post the link here now for you guys. Here it is:
    I hope you could please help me out (I appreciate any that that I recieve as I am new & just started here today), or even throw abit of advice my way just thanks. I really am looking forward & can't wait to get into demoding my weather satellite pictures! Thank you all so much for your time & making me feel welcome on your site & forum..
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    I would if I was on Windows, it's simple if you install mingw onto windows, just use the make32 etc. program to build it I think.
    I built it on Proteus Linux without issue, For the life of me I cant understand why no one has helped you ? I must be unlearned to want to help you or something.

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    There's no problem posting for help here, but typically help for problems with a specific piece of software would best be sought in channels pertaining to that piece of software, not a general forum concerning the programming language that the software is written in. In this case, that could mean opening an issue in the Github issue tracker for that project, detailing the problem (segmentation fault when you tried to run it with such and such input), what you did (compile on and for Raspberry Pi 3 (which version exactly? Which OS exactly?), what changes you did to try and get it to work, etc.

    If you prefer to pose that question here, you should post those details as well. Just saying "change some .c files syntax" does not help. You should have forked the project and committed your changes to version control, possibly adding instructions to the readme on how to get it to work for your Raspberry Pi setup. In fact, if you had done that, this would be a non-issue: you could have just cloned your own fork and gone through the steps again to restore it on your RPi.

    Asking people to compile the code for you is a hard sell: they would either need to cross compile (and you didn't give much info on your setup), or happen to want to try and get this to work on a RPi of their own (but again you didn't specify your setup in detail).
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