Thread: Reading Meata data from TDMS

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    Reading Meata data from TDMS

    I have a question about NI's .tdms file reading....

    I read the TDMs File's Internal Structure on NI Website. and i wrote some codes in order to convert .TDMS files into .txt files.

    even I tried open .tdms file with hex-edit program, Python codes and i got helped by other great people.

    The real problem is... When i read meta data, it goes well until meet below sentence...
    "If the raw data index of this object in this segment exactly matches the index the same object had in the previous segment, an unsigned 32-bit integer (0x0000000) will be stored instead of the index information."

    My question
    is I would like to write below codes in C. but I am struggling hard
    elif (rawdataindex==0x00000000):
    rawdata = object_rawdata[objectpath]

    I really appreciate with your helps!

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