Thread: please annotate these sentences

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    please annotate these sentences




    '|' means? where '|' come from?


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    'A' means the character constant A
    'B' means the character constant B

    So now you know what '|' is.
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    '|' is ASCII character 124 Decimal, 7C Hexadecimal.

    It can be used for creating a pipe between two command line apps.

    In this case, without seeing all your code or possible data file data, it might be used as a field separator, in a record in a data file.

    As for "annotating" your code above, you would need to provide more information, and usually a program that can show the context of these lines. Preferably not a huge program.

    Plus, your code appears to be C++, not C. This is a C Programming forum.

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