Thread: Help I am stuck with an unknown type of error.

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    Help I am stuck with an unknown type of error.

    I'm a complete novice to C programming and also new to this type of online discussion so bear with me, help me and correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. Here is the code:
    //this program calculates the average miles travelled per gallon of fuel.
    #include <stdio.h>
    //start of main
    main (void)
    float gallons, miles, average = 0.0, counter = 0.0;    //declaration/initialisation
      printf ("\t\t\t%s\n", "CALCULATE MILES PER GALLONS FOR YOUR CAR");    //message
    //start of while loop
      while (gallons != -1.0)
        {                //condition to end program
          printf ("%s", "Enter the gallons used(-1 to end): ");    //prompt
          scanf ("%f\n", &gallons);    //input
          if (gallons != -1.0)
        {            //condition to take further input; start of if
          printf ("%s", "Enter the miles driven: ");    //prompt
          scanf ("%f", &miles);    //input
          average += miles / gallons;    //summation of all averages
          counter++;        //incrementing counter
          printf ("%s%0.2f\n\n", "The miles/gallon for this tank was ", average);    //printing current average
        }            //end of if
        }                //end of while
      if (counter != 0.0)
        {                //start of if
          printf ("%s%0.2f", "The overall average miles/gallon was ", average / counter);    //printing final average
        }                //end of if
    puts ("Invalid Input..");
    }                //end of main
    I know this maybe a repeat question but this program compiles without a syntax error and runs upto second printf function and than hangs or something which I'm unable to understand, what kind of error is this? I don't find any logical error in the code. Thank You.

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    Remove the trailing \n on your first scanf.

    The second scanf will automatically skip over leading whitespace and newlines for you.
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    Remove the "\n" from the scanf() on line 15.

    Please clean up the indent style of your source code. Choose one style and stick with it. Some editors can be set to use one of the styles. Check the documentation for your editor.

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    Thank You for your help, now its running.

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    Thank You, now it's running. Actually I was trying to compile it online so I used this option to beautify which added this extra spaces everywhere, I usually write a very condensed code.

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