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    That's really harrassing

    Hi salem and others OP ; I don't know really how that's salem thinking but he thinks that I posted the same problem twice, I deeply believe he's wrong and he's just coming with his comments in an opposite to me for not helping me at all.

    I have posted the concept of substring from string over here:
    Removing subString from String

    but that's a moron think it's the same problem that I already posted before on year:
    Slicing's string concept.

    it's totally different, I don't know what he thinks or actually I guess he's just keep tracking on my posts not for helping just giving his opposite opinion on my threads

    thanks !

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    here Removing subString from String I'm asking about getting substring from other string

    in the other thread I've asked how to slice the string

    I dont know how that two problems are the same? omg salem!!!!

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    No sympathy from me. I'm okay with treating you as a genuine member who just has some very bad posting habits as long as you're sticking to your own topics, but you went to venture rubbish on someone else's topic.

    You've been jumping around different topics in programming and computer science at such speed that it is clear you aren't really learning anything. You ask questions without having tested your ideas yourself, like for that substring removal post. You repeatedly ask questions so foundational that an introductory book or other structured material would have answered them. Then you do things like insist that people misread your posts and present a different question, or you ignore what people wrote (like 2/3s of my reply to your substring removal post).

    No, you're not going to get the pleasure of replying to this post. If you're for real, go get yourself a couple of introductory books on the topics you're interested in and slowly work through them one by one, chapter by chapter. Achieve some level of proficiency in a topic before moving to another one. Write programs to test your newly acquired knowledge, and actually test them. Post here maybe once a week when you really absolutely run into a wall that you cannot overcome. Don't post here everyday with half-baked questions, and definitely don't reply to other people's topics with rubbish.
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