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    Question Libssh & Windows @ C 11

    Hey lads! Im on unix system since like 20yrs now and windows is my true nemesiss, so I have a really hard time while trying to include libssh in my app which has to be built on windows "I did $./vcpkg install libssh && ./vcpkg integrate libssh" but yet every time I try to compile my program I get the output that there is no <libssh/libssh.h> found.

    Ps.Is it just me or its more difficult to write C stuff on windows now? Every IDE supports new CPP standards and such, but C11 have almost no support in Visual Studio, so what IDE do you use to make C11 programs on windows? Cheers.

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    Visual Studio has improved their C support; but, I would suggest MinGW GCC to compile C source code.
    You might want to look at MSys2 MinGW GCC compiler; but, that might be not what you want to do.

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