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    structs and linked lists

    For an assignment I have to create a linked list.
    I have to read from an input file and save the contents to a linked list.
    But before that I want to ask for advice which approach would be wiser.
    The Input file looks something like this.
    Jake 21
    Mark 22
    King 34
    William 25 and so on.. in total I have 26 names with age.

    I have looked up linked lists.

    |data |217| | data |218| |data |NULL|

    So I have data with the adress of the next nodes.
    My guess is that for each nodes I store name and age.
    However I have 26 Names in the input file should I create 26 nodes?
    Would that make any sense or am I completely on the wrong track?

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I have been looking for tips on the internet for hours and I can't seem to find a sensible approach.

    I have just come up with a soloution ignore this post sry
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    I hope that the solution you came up with involves:
    • A struct type to model the data consisting of name and age.
    • A struct type to model the node that contains the data struct and the next pointer
    • Especially if your linked list has both head and tail: a struct type to model the entire linked list
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